Welcome to the portal site for Beer Festivals where a domain name in the format yourname.beerfestival.co can be created in seconds.

It will be in WordPress format which means it is simple and straightforward to edit.

If you can write an email or a Word document then you can add content to a WordPress site.


See below for more information on the options offered and click on this link to contact us

Domain name costs

Because your domain name is a sub-domain of beerfestival.co no costs are incurred in creating the domain name.

WordPress creates your site in a matter of seconds so no costs are incurred in coding the site, although the choice of a premium design (theme) or creation of a bespoke theme will both incur costs.

Generic documents

Any event of this nature inevitably has related documents that need to be managed, such as entry, sponsorship and publicity.

These can be made available cost free to you as part of the website package

Hosting costs

As a sub-domain of beerfestival.co the hosting costs have already been incurred by beerfestival.co, keeping the costs of your site to a minimum and making them affordable.